• 30th November
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Outfit 6

black Charlotte Russe Blazer, grey Old Navy hoodie, purple Madrona dress, grey UO knit tights (layered under), black Target lace tights, black Charlotte Russe boots

I’m baaack. Today is the day for me to update the ole blog after such a long silence of outfit posts. I wore this while I worked from home. Now, the thing about working from home is that I could stay in my house pants, thermal shirt, and fuzzy slippers all day long. However, when I do that (it happens, I hate to admit) I feel that I don’t get the same amount or quality of work done.

I wanted to be still somewhat comfy since I would be sitting at home on the computer most of the day, so I put on two pairs of tights. You can’t really see the grey knit tights under the black ones, but believe you me, that kept me warm. I wore my favorite purple dress because it makes me feel chic and fits well. They blazer is a piece of clothing that I thought I would wear all the time when I bought it, but alas, very few outfits have included it. The hoodie serves a dual purpose. It is both warm and cozy AND creates some contrast in my predominantly dark colored outfit. I found it necessary to break up the dark color of the purple dress and the black blazer and am much pleased with the outcome!

If you read the title of this post, it is not a mistake, I am on outfit 6 of my 30 for 30 (and about 22 days in! eek!) but I will be doing multiple post days starting this week to catch up! I have the outfits photographed and have barely cheated so tune in!

  • 24th November
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Something to Eat - Thanksgiving Edition

A few weeks ago (probably the day after Halloween, you know, when the holidays start) I decided to cook my boyfriend and I our very own personal Thanksgiving meal. I thought it would be a great way to start off the new segment of Something to Wear, Something to Eat! I’m a firm believer that what goes in the inside is just as important as what goes on the outside, so I will be taking a break from fashion blogging today to focus on putting something tasty in my (and maybe your) tummy.

Here’s the spread:

  • Stuffed Tofurkey and Tofurkey Giblet Gravy
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Brussels’ Sprouts
  • Asparagus
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Sweet Potatoes Au Gratin
  • Winter Squash Risotto

Not too shabby eh? We finished off the evening with a home made apple pie from Whole Foods (seriously, I was in the kitchen for 6 hours making dinner, I wasn’t about to make dessert too). The recipes for the mashed potatoes, asparagus, sweet potatoes au gratin, and winter squash risotto are from the 1000 Vegan Recipes cookbook which I will never get through… or maybe I should go the way of Julie & Julia and start a blog about making my way through a cookbook and finding out who I really am… The Brussels sprouts recipe came from To Live and Eat in LA. The cranberry sauce I just shook out of the can into a bowl. Woo!

Future posts will have pictures of the food I actually made, as these photos are not, but these will have to do for now. After 6 hours of cooking I had no patience for pictures. My only thoughts revolved around fitting some of each of the dishes I slaved over on my plate. Oh yeah, and being thankful :] and being thanked by the boyfriend.

Thanks for reading, Happy Thanksgiving!

  • 23rd November
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Long Time Gone

Dear readers (making assumptions here):

I have not given up blogging. I have not been abducted by aliens, gone undercover for the CIA, or anything cool like that. I have been terribly under the weather, so much as to say I was far below the weather. I honestly didn’t think about posting, let alone getting actually dressed. I doubted anyone wanted to see my house pants* and school sweatshirt combo, as chic as that look was.

As I begun to feel better, putting together some DIY project posts for a new segment I plan to begin soon, dun dun dunnnnn… I got snowed in. I shouldn’t/won’t be driving in any kind of snow because honestly, I don’t think I could handle it. Those posts will have to be put on hold, but I try to think positively: this gives me more time to work on the posts and projects.

I’ll be back in the next day or two with some new outfits and hopefully some fancy-fun projects for you to try! And don’t worry, if I, the clumsy, usually unmotivated and un-crafty type can do it, so can you.

*This blog, Ladies and Lords of Leisure, is very entertaining. 

  • 15th November
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Outfit 3

Loft cardigan, Loft LBD, Old Navy Belt, Charlotte Russe Boots.

Wow, 7 days in and only 3 outfits. This does not look like a good start. I will persevere though, don’t worry. I just don’t know how I can post 30 outfits in 30 days! My last post was.. a few days ago, however I have a good excuse for the first day I skipped a post. 

For the past few months I’ve been interning with an event production group who puts on an annual eco friendly fashion show each fall/winter. The show was last Thursday, and it was one of my favorite experiences all year! I really love working on fashion shows, especially when it builds the local fashion scene and community here in my town. I believe there is a lot of talent here, and it needs to be seen. If possible, I hope to work on a few shows each year, even with the immense amount of work that surrounded this show. Which is why I didn’t post Thursday.

I have no excuse for not posting Friday, other than I was moping around because of how little I liked my last post. I feel shallow for letting my clothes effect me so negatively, however, when my clothes make me feel amazing, strong, confident, and beautiful, I can wax poetic about the benefits of looking your best each day. Does this make me a hypocrite? I think the benefits outweigh the bad parts.

In order to re-motivate myself for this 30 for 30 challenge I made a new excel spreadsheet and figured out about 35 outfits for me to pick from, so I should have no excuse for not posting each weekday. 

I chose this outfit because I needed something comfy to wear on my down time. I have three jobs, and until last Thursday, an internship as well. I take my down time seriously. I also wanted to feel really good about myself, so I chose this dress. My super soft, stretchy yet structured little black dress from Loft. It’s made of a material called ‘Scuba’, which I thought only worked well with suits (har har, scuba suits.)

  • 9th November
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A walk in the park

Rain rain go away. It rained all morning, and on my way home from my staff meeting, it slowed down just enough to snap some pictures at a park. I found one with lots of color leaves all over the place, and if it were a little more dry out today I could have had some real fun, but alas, you gotta work with what you got.

For outfit #2 I decided to try a pair of pants that I rarely wear (which is precisely why I added them to my 30 for 30 picks).

I don’t love the look, but I don’t hate it. I think the best thing for me to do in circumstances where I’m not over the moon for my outfit selection is to figure out why. In order to help balance my proportions, I should consider lengthening my bottom half to balance out the top, either by a higher waist (skirts anyway, haven’t ever tried on high waisted pants) or something that doesn’t cut off the line of my leg. I hope this makes sense and haven’t just been wearing too much What Not to Wear.

  • 8th November
  • 08

My 30 for 30 picks

I am so excited (and a little nervous!) to start this 30 for 30 challenge.

This is outfit #1

Gap cardi, thrifted blouse, thrifted skirt, Danita K pumps

This outfit kind of just “happened”. I picked the skirt, then a blouse that matched, but I didn’t want the whole outfit to be matchy matchy, so I opted for a blue cardi and pumps. It came out as the housewife/librariany, cozy, perfect for a cold afternoon with a hot cup of soup kind of look.

Just in this first day of the 30 for 30, I already feel that I’m benefiting.  I knew I wasn’t a big pattern kinda gal, especially on tops and dresses, but I don’t think I realized just how many solid colored items I own. It’s a lot. So, when I can shop again, I vow to buy patterns.

Click below to see the rest of my 30 for 30 picks!

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  • 4th November
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How does one really begin a blog? Jump in to the here in now? Tell my whole life story up to this point? Well I’m a little too lazy to go into that much detail, but I figure some background and inspiration for starting a blog is due.

Here’s the quick and dirty: 

  • I am a college grad, interning with an event production company that is a mere week away from producing the LAST big fashion show in my area for 2010 (which I am just giddy with excitement over)
  • I am perpetually organizing because I am perpetually messy
  • I’ve started this blog to help expand my opinions and ideas of my wardrobe more so than simply expanding my wardrobe physically 
  • I also needed a way organize and chronicle my adventures in fashionland.
  • I plan to cover such topics as: what I wear, fashion & home DIY projects, style literature reviews, blogs & sites that I looove and more.

I’m sure more will come up with time in a natural, organic, hippy dippy kind of way.

And here I am! Hello!
Nov 3 2010 [5]